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About Originally.US

Originally US

We are a boutique Singapore Mobile App (iOS, Android) Development House providing end to end mobility solutions.

In recognition of our mobile excellence, apps we have built won Best Mobile Advertising (Gold), Best App – Utility (Gold), and Best App – Creative (Bronze) at MOB-EX 2016.

We talk to you, we think, we draw, and then we code. Our clients include major government bodies, global enterprises and startups.

The best part? There’s no bullshit and make wild promises. Just substance you can trust.

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Claudia Lim

Claudia has over eight years of experience in community building, and social media/ digital strategy consultancy. A take-charge person who is able to conceive, implement and see through any projects effectively while keeping everything cohesive and maintaining and eye on everything; an on-the-ground practical person.

Blogs at and co-founder of


Timothy Lee

Timothy is a super hero who understands both humans and machines. As our Technical Account & Project Manager who was formally from 2359Media, one of the largest Development House in Singapore, Timothy has seen it all when it comes to understanding clients’ expectations and managing programmers. While there, he also worked on major accounts such as SPH, Singtel and Mediacorp.

As a geek at heart, he also took it upon himself to teach the intricacies of object-oriented programming to our designers.


Daniel Chong

Daniel is a veteran full-stack software developer. He has published many well-known iPhone & iPad apps under his name, including the popular SGX Stocks app that many in Singapore are using as replacement for the now-defunct teletext stocks info service.

Daniel also developed and run various high traffic local sites, including

This Summa Cum Laude Cornell graduate has more than 10 years of experience developing sites and apps for various brands.

When not typing away at his keyboard, he’s the father to two beautiful daughters who are smarter than he is.


Calixto Tay

With more than 12 years of programming experience, Calixto (Tay Wei Kiat) is an expert Consultant, Systems Architect and Server Backend Developer. He understands your business requirements and programs the underlying backbone of your solutions.

An active contributor in the local IT scene, Calixto is also the proud recipient of Singapore Computer Society’s IT Youth Award 2014 and Information Technology Management Association’s Future Information Technology Leader Award 2013. Calixto graduated Summa Cum Laude (with highest honor) in BSc, Information Systems Management.

When not eating or coding, Calixto enjoys awesome first person shooters such as Battlefield 4 and TitanFall.

Visit Calixto (Wei Kiat)


Torin Nguyen

Torin is a veteran co-founder/CTO/technical adviser of a couple of startups based in Singapore & a full-stack hardware/software developer/hacker (His last job was as the VP of Engineering of 2359 Media!). He specializes in home automation, hardware programming and iOS native development.

While not busy hacking quality software together, Torin enjoys messing around with his self-built smart-home setup.


Alvin Lim

Alvin is a digital and social media native. He is a 100% geek who spends too much time online. Alvin is the founder of Travel, Food, Lifestyle and Entertainment blog, and has been blogging since 2007.

This PR, Social & Digital Marketing Consultant has worked with major brands like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Nikon, Panasonic, AirAsia, Jetstar Asia, Destination New South Wales and the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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Our Values

Let’s Be Honest

Work directly with Consultants and Account/Project Managers who understands programming and technical intricacies. We are brutally honest in giving you the best advice. We don’t over promise. We don’t fluff.

Engineered To Please

We are all engineers and designers who take pride in our work. Extreme pride. If there’s something that doesn’t work well, we are at the mercy of our Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to make it right for you. As soon as humanly possible.

Quality over Quantity

We are engineering-oriented not sales-oriented. While many Development Houses focus on churning out client projects like sweat shops, we focus on writing beautiful pieces of code that minimizes your technical debt.

This also means we have a strict cap on concurrent projects, so “chope” us early, ok?

What we do

Mobile Apps Development

Nowadays, people walk around with a persistent glow on their faces. The glow from the screens of their mobile phones.

The importance of building killer mobile applications cannot be underestimated. Awesome UX and UI designs often make or break a mobile application.

Our developers have been building them for demanding clients like Singtel, Gushcloud and local malls for years. We can do both iOS and Android app development.

If we can’t deliver, who can?

Social Media Campaigns & Apps

Social Media Platforms are now the best way to reach your target audiences.

Because of our diverse in-house talents, we offer “full-stack” Social Media Marketing services, all the way from blogger outreach, to planning and executing the next viral social media campaign with fancy Facebook apps.

Hardware & Software Integration

Ever dreamt of controlling every light, aircon, tv and fan from your smart phone? Want to do whacky stuff like having an air conditioner that turns on when the door is closed and the weather is too warm? How about a smart house that knows exactly when you are at the door and automatically opens it for you, handsfree? Or alert you when someone unexpected is loitering around your front-door?

We add the “smart” to smart homes and devices.

Our solution is highly customized to your home and your own needs as we understand there is no one-size-fits-all for home automation.

Any Other Solutions

Just need a simple website? Want a blog at your own domain name? Or any other cool things you need help on?

Just contact us for a free consultation and we will advise you.

What Clients Say

“Originally US is a great partner for our digital initiatives and app development. Their can-do approach, willingness to innovate, and rapid turnaround have enabled us to deliver amazing digital experiences that our clients’ brands expect and count on.”

Tim Wu, Senior Digital Project Manager, Dentsu Singapore

“Fast, reliable and creative – Originally US is an outstanding partner that delivers nothing but solid digital experiences to our shoppers.”

Josephine Chow, Regional Head, Partnerships and Offline Marketing, ZALORA SEA

“A young, dynamic & talented team with outstanding design capabilities, ideas and support!”

HONG Jassmen, SGRE

“As a veteran IT professional myself, I have been very impressed with the team from Originally US.

While technically very competent, they also demonstrated their understanding of business operations, and knowing what business owners cares about.

The team is very flat, no overheads, and everyone is highly productive, and that makes huge difference to cost and time of the project.”

Casey Ong, Fang Yu LLP (Previously Director, Service Source Asia Pacific)

It was indeed a pleasure to work with you and your team.
We are happy with the design and the ease of use of the app you developed for us.

I am sure we will have a chance to work with your company again in the near future on other projects. Good Luck!

Roshan Mani (Mr.), Director, Fortuna Scientific

Originally US helped develop for Garlock Singapore an app with CMS feature, great UI and modern design.
The high quality of work also shows through the fast, responsiveness experience when navigating through the app.
I am impressed and appreciative of the great and efficient support from the development all the way until now, even after the app has been developed for close to a year.
Potential clients can be assured of “no bullshit” sales pitch if Originally US is engaged for collaborations.

Keep up the good work!

Sandy Cheng, Regional Marketing Specialist, Garlock

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Our Processes

At this phase, we understand you.

Our Technical Consultants will work closely with you to understand your industry, your business and your objectives.

Unlike other Development Houses or Agencies, our guys know software intimately.

He knows how to pull you back to reality if you are asking for a rainbow unicorn, he’s not afraid to help you save cash if there are more cost-effective ways to achieve your objectives, and he can react to your “can this be done” query almost immediately without waiting 7 days to “check with the development team”.

This is the part we take our pencils to sketch.

Ok, not pencils. We are more technically competent than that.

During Wireframing, our Consultants will sketch a skeleton of all the screens your App will have, and walk you through the possible screen flows. This gives you an unprecedented clarity of what your users will see, experience and interact with.

If you are ok with the pencil sketches, we start coloring it.

Our Designers will work closely with either you or the Consultant to design a pixel-perfect mockup of your App. This Mockup is a 99% close resemblance of how your final App will look.

If you have any violent objections on the Design and UX direction, this is the time to make some noise.

This step is often skipped by other Development Houses. Why? Because they get to charge you more if you request for changes AFTER the App is built.

Not our style.

Once you are satisfied with the mockup, we go into Development Hell.

If you engage other Development Houses or Agencies, this period might be Hell for you because you won’t know if work is being done, you don’t know if the App is being built the way you wanted, and you won’t know if the deadline is going to be missed until it is too late.

We take transparency very seriously, and this is where we shine.

Throughout the Development Hell period, we keep you updated and engaged; we upload our work-in-progress App every few days so that you can download, install, and play with them.

Sure, the features are buggy, the App may look funny, and crashes could be a commonplace, but you have a front row seat on our development progress. That can’t hurt.

Clients who have experienced our “Development Hell” phase prefer to refer to it as “Development Heaven” instead.

Ok, a weak attempt at a joke, but you get the gist.

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